Team Viper West

Viper Days - Viper Challenge August 13th Update

Viper Days, Viper Challenge is going strong. Next year Viper Days will have Viper Days East Races and Viper Days West Races - with a Viper Days Final Race to determine the King of Viper Days, Viper Challenge. This year we won Viper Days in St. Louis and we're going to the Viper Days in Moroso, FL October 31st and November 1st, 1998. We will also compete in the Viper Days, Viper Challenge Finals in January.

As mentioned - we won the Viperfest in St Louis at Gateway. We were the fastest overall and won our Pro Class.

On July 31, 1998 we went out to Pomona. There was a planned Viper Club Event but it was cancelled due to a change of heart by the NHRA. They told us to go 10.99 or below we must have a straight axled rearend. That knocked out our ability to use Nitrous Oxide (NOS). Further that any Viper that wanted to run slicks needed a rollbar. That knocked out just about the whole club. So we went out there for a test and tune on motor only. We turned a 11.35 at 122mph but couldn't get hold of the track. It was very hot, almost 110 degrees and it was not a day to produce power.

Our next race is an exciting one, it's the NASCAR FORD L.A. Street Race for the Labor Day Weekend. It's a street race around the convention center. We're in a class with Porshes, should be very interesting. We're the only Viper in the race. So if you're watching the news on Labor Day and you hear something about the LA Street Race - take notice - if you see a Viper, that's us. Erik will be driving for this Event. September 5th - 7th - check out the Website:

After that we'll be doing the Silver State Classic Challenge - September 17th - 20th in Nevada. Held on Nevada State Highway 318 running north and south from Lund to Hiko. 90 Miles of Highway, we're in the 140MPH CLASS - that means we need to average exactly 140mph for the 90 mile run. Check it out at

Possibly in October we'll be running at Laguna Seca - I'll update this more as details become available.