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We have included some viper photos and a little history of where we've been
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Below are the people that make Team Viper West possible...

Erik MessleyEMI Racing (714-713-9096) Erik Messley - Erik is the suspension tuner for our Viper GTS. Erik has done some heavy duty work on our suspension most of it being proprietary at this time. If you're interested in modifying your Viper's suspension I recommend this man highly. His phone number is (714) 713-9096, if you call him please tell him you heard about him on the Team West Website. He is also the driver for Road Racing. We are currently competing in a series of races called Michelin's National Viper Challenge, it's a series of 12 races with a final to be held at the end for points leaders.

Claude Short Dodge (310-395-2314) Dan Cragin and Chris Jensen are the official wrenches for our Viper. Claude Short Dodge has become the premier Dealership on the West Coast for Viper Owners. Dan Cragin has made a study of Viper Competition and knows how to keep you on the cutting edge of performance. They will super tune your Viper for whatever type of racing you want to do.

Front View of the Viper

Complete Custom Wheel (904-437-7822) John Purner supplies us with wheels and tires for Drag Racing and Road Racing. He custom makes these wheels himself. He is a valuable resource of information to help you go fast and stay on the track!

A little history about our endeavors so far.

Last year we won the National Viper Challenge Series in Savannah Georgia in the GTS Unlimited Class. We won a leg of the Viper Challenge Series in Talledaga. Erik Messley was the driver for those two races.

Tracks we have taken the Vipers to include Willow Springs in Palmdale, California, Talledaga, Alabama, Phoenix International Raceway, Sebring in Florida and Roebling Road in Savannah Georgia.

Rear View of the Viper

We have drag raced the Viper GTS at Pomona, where we have trophied twice. We have also been drag racing in Houston at the National Viper Shoot Out. We just got back from Phoenix where we were at the First leg of this year's Viper Challenge Series. Our car was the fastest out there on Saturday and on Sunday morning in broke down. We were able to get into another Viper and won the Pro Unlimited Class, but it would have been sweeter in our own car. We will be competing next in Las Vegas at this year's second leg of the Viper Challenge on May 9th and 10th. If you happen to live in the area - please feel free to stop by, we love race fans.

Dan and Chris are in the process of rebuilding our motor from the bottom up using nothing but the finest parts. This will make our Coupe one of the fastest, if not the fastest Viper GTS Coupes on the Planet!

After that the next Viper Challenge is in St Louis, Missouri on June 13th & 14th at Gateway International Raceway.